ABC Mannequins | Futura

Jun 27, 2018

The latest collection from ABC Mannequins: Futura



Futura depicts luxury and beauty, setting high standards in the fashion industry. The poses, hands, attitude and elegance are the iconic features of the striking Futura collection.


Using an exclusive creative process, ABC Mannequins gives life to each of its mannequins that have been modelled on the harmonious, living form of the human body.


The name ‘Futura’ encloses the main features of the collection: contemporary, dynamic and resolute. Details were given special attention in choosing the symmetrical poses as well as an extensive study of hands to achieve uniqueness for aesthetics and functionality in hanging fashion accessories.


The stylized face of the collection is suitable for several make-up designs and wig styles.


Futura is available in both female and male mannequins with 14 poses: 11 female and 3 male.


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