Mei & Picchi Insights | Shopfittings EuroShop 2017

Apr 12, 2017

A trip to EuroShop is never complete without a visit to the giants of retail fixturing.


Featuring the world's leading shopfitting companies; their multi-million dollar booths showcased each brand's extensive offering focusing on the key areas of lighting, the incorporation of digital into retail design, food retail, digital retail and premium retail design, innovation, versatility and responsiveness. Not only satisfying our visual cravings with incredible shopfitting displays, the first-class villages also satisfied our hunger with a feast of food and beverages.

There were also a host of smaller fixturing companies from all around the world demonstrating their capabilities at their innovative design booths. Often these smaller players are overlooked, however, when we took the time to explore their offerings, the findings were incredible. There is no doubt that some of these smaller brands will become world-leaders in the world of shopfitting.