Genesis Mannequins | EuroShop 2017

Apr 5, 2017

Genesis Mannequins produced an exceptional booth concept for the EuroShop 2017 which underlined the company's creativity and the diversity of their products.

With over 30 years’ experience, Genesis Mannequins is one of the leading suppliers of retail mannequins; designing and producing sustainable, high quality and trend-leading mannequins, busts and displays for the international fashion industry.

Translating the latest international trends into unique designs, each Genesis mannequin is a well thought-out, unique character that is the perfect solution for presenting fashion. The first company in the world to develop environmentally friendly mannequins, Genesis constantly develops new collections and optimises existing products to ensure that every last detail of their products is of the highest quality.

Outside of their extensive collections, Genesis Mannequins’ can also be customised to meet the design requirements of any brand; creating a carefully considered product that is high-quality, functional, aesthetic and showcases the individuality of each client.

Discover the entire collection of Genesis Mannequins at Mei & Picchi now and find the perfect mannequin solution to meet the unique needs and key criteria of your brand.

View the incredible Genesis display at EuroShop 2017 below.