Mei & Picchi's Illuminated Merchandising Systems

Mar 21, 2017

Mei & Picchi’s Illuminated Merchandising Systems are the next generation of retail solutions and are at the forefront of innovation.

Lighting has become a critical element in retail environments; effective and strategic lighting can invite customers on a journey through the store, highlight desired product focal points and be critical in their buying decisions.

Implementing Mei & Picchi’s Illuminated Merchandising Systems in your retail environment will help to steer customers towards promotions and illuminating merchandise will help accentuate your products unique design features.

Our Illuminated Merchandising Systems include five collections that cleanly integrate LED lighting into the merchandising system:

-      H-Lit

-      V-Lit

-      Po-Touch

-      Slim Edge

-      I-Line

All cabling is invisible from the eye and disappears behind the product display, preventing shadow on the merchandise and highlighting the products to their full features.

Using low voltage energy efficient LED lighting not only ensures that each of the systems has a long life, but they are easy install and maintain, with no electrician required.

Produced in state of the art production facilities, using latest CNC automated equipment and machinery, each system has a sleek, elegant design that you simply 'plug in and play'.

Illuminated Merchandising Systems can be customised to complement and enhance your brand and design needs from full shop fit outs to specific highlight areas which provides merchandise lighting flexibility, customisation and easy installation.


Contact us to discuss the best Illuminated Merchandising System to suit your specific design requirements. Our dedicated team are passionate about merchandising, and can help you create custom solutions for maximum impact.