Create Standout Retail Displays with Mei & Picchi

Feb 15, 2017

Mei & Picchi’s continually evolving and expanding collection of merchandising solutions enables you to quickly and easily create breakout spaces and striking in-store displays.

From our range of mannequins and busts to our extensive collection of merchandising accessories and magnetic flooring, Mei & Picchi can help you create and customise standout retail displays, to highlight your product in the best possible way and maximise your sales.

ALU Cage

From the leaders in innovative retail solutions, ALU's Cage system is a one-piece product that transforms itself into a creative array of display solutions with a simple 90° angle rotation.

Cage is in stock now in black and grey, or can be fully customised to suit any design style and needs.

Endura Mannequins

Crafted from resilient ABS plastic, Mei & Picchi’s collection of in stock Endura mannequins and accessories is machine-moulded, resulting in a product that is more durable and more resilient, perfect for high-traffic areas.

Mabos Flooring

Creating instant flooring is easy with Mabos. The magnetic flooring system can be laid onto existing flooring quickly and easily, resulting in an elegant floor that can be walked on straight away!

Available in stock in 5 natural finishes: Oak, Whitened Fir, Silver Pine, Grey Cloud and Old Iroko; the durable design of Mabos makes it perfect for high-traffic areas, or any space where quick installation is needed.

Merchandising House

Mei & Picchi's in stock Merchandising House is a modular framing system that enables the fast and easy creation of a visual merchandising space.

Fully customisable, the unique system allows for the incorporation of custom signage and security features, and is compatible with all of Mei & Picchi's retailing systems, mannequins and accessories, allowing for endless display options.


Our team of designers are heading to Germany to visit our leading international partners and view their new releases, whilst exploring the latest in innovation in every category of merchandising and visual merchandising. 

Follow us on our journey and be the first to see the latest product designs and solutions for the retail world. 

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