What's New at Mei & Picchi in December

Dec 8, 2016

With only a few weeks left of the year, shopping centres and boutique stores are preparing for the busiest time on the retail calendar. Mei & Picchi's extensive range of mannequins, merchandising products and shopfitting solutions will help you create visually striking displays and store interiors, maximising your Christmas and new year sales.


To celebrate the festive season; Mei & Picchi has collaborated with ALU MiND for a very special holiday event series, ‘Behind the Magic’ and ‘Get Lost in the Holidays’.

In the series, we take you on a luxury worldwide journey with various retailers and department stores, including Tiffany & Co., Fendi, Mecca, David Jones and more, going behind-the-scenes of their holiday window displays and preparations.

In the first episode, we take peek inside Tiffany & Co.’s world of holiday and glamour to show us just what goes into these festive displays. This year’s concept, “Let The World Sparkle,” embodies the delight and beauty of the world, highlighting the sparkle and passion life has to offer.

Click here to view the Tiffany & Co. behind the scenes video and the other beautiful behind-the-scenes stories.


With only a few weeks left of the year, shopping centres and boutique stores are preparing for the busiest time on the retail calendar – pre and post-Christmas sales.

It is estimated that Australians will spend more than $8 billion on Christmas presents alone, so it is more than important than ever to make your clothing and accessories stand out from the crowd.

When it comes to displaying your fashion collections, the choice of mannequins or bust is vital in making your product stand out. With a collection of male and female and child cloth busts available in a range of colours and interchangeable stands, Mei & Picchi can help you present your fashion wares in the best possible way.

Contact Mei & Picchi to order your cloth busts now in time to showcase your new season fashion collections.


With over 25 years’ experience catering to the retail world, ALU has grown to become an expert and innovative solutions provider.

With a range of fully customisable merchandising solutions available, Mei & Picchi’s collection of ALU systems will help you create visually striking displays for your retail, hospitality or commercial space.

Free-standing or wall mounted, ALU's innovative Slash is an all-round system that presents a contemporary and eye-catching design, allowing you to hang, fold, display and communicate merchandise in an appealing way.

Equally impressive is the Cage unit by ALU. Cage is a one-piece product with little installation required, that can adjust itself into three different stances with a swift turn on a 90° angle rotation, creating visually striking in store displays.

One of the best-selling merchandising fixtures in the retail sector, Autopole, is a telescopic freestanding pole, secured between floor and ceiling with a simple lever movement. It can be used to display, hold, and communicate all types of merchandise, homewares, accessories and promotional items.

As we enter the holiday season, it’s easy to get caught up in busy sale period and forget about preparing for next year’s new season collections and events. Pre-order your ALU products now to avoid disappointment.


Signage plays an extremely important role in attracting new customers and maximising sales. As we approach the busy shopping season, the way you display your signage can have a huge impact on traffic and sales.

Mei & Picchi’s range of in stock acrylics will make creating striking displays and standout signage easy during the festive season. 

From magnetic ticket holders and ticket frames with chrome or stain-chrome channels to poster and brochure holders, our range of freestanding, hanging acrylics and display accessories will ensure your signs are clear, effective and appealing.

Available in a variety of sizes and layouts, including A3, A4 and A5 portrait and landscape ticket and bulletin holders, contact us to place your orders now in time for the Christmas rush.

Contact info@meipicchi to place your orders in time for the new year and discuss creating customised solutions for your retail space.