In Stock Solutions to Maximise Your Christmas Sales

Nov 8, 2016

As we draw nearer to Christmas, there's no doubt that the next six weeks are going to be the busiest on the retail calendar, with shoppers flocking to stores to buy presents and take advantage of the Christmas and new year clearance sales.

Mei & Picchi's collection of in stock merchandising systems and accessories makes creating visually appealing spaces in time for the busy holiday shopping season quick and easy. From freestanding hanging units to innovative merchandising systems, on-trend mannequins, as well as retail essentials: hangers, busts and more; Mei & Picchi has everything you need to showcase your products.

System Mannequins
The System mannequins by Genesis Mannequins allow for complete versatility and customisation. Made up of a range of interchangeable male and female torsos, arms, hips, legs and bases, you can mix and match each item to create your own custom design. Made from fibreglass, the mannequins are stylish, realistic, on-trend and durable; perfect for displaying all types of fashion in high-traffic areas during the busy shopping season.

ALU Slider Vitrines
There’s no doubt that visual merchandising can impact on sales. With ALU’s Slider merchandising system, creating standout in-store displays is easier than ever. Consisting of a set of parallel tracks, Slider can be merchandised with a variety of cabinets, panels, and accessories to suit varying display needs without the need for technical staff or tools.

The tracks allow for signage panels, clips, mirrors and other accessories to be easily inserted utilising wall space for maximum branding. The simple, yet elegant design of Slider enables you to create standout displays for a range of products, including homewares, books, accessories, drinks, artwork, clothing, footwear and more.

With the addition of accessories, including lockable Slider vitrines, you can safely and securely display valuable products such as jewellery and electronics. Available in silver or black and in two sizes, the vitrines include clear tempered glass top and side panels, door with right hinge and bottom left lock, steel bottom panel and a set of two keys.

Freestanding Racks
Creating clean, organised and easy-to-find displays of your products is vital. With Mei & Picchi’s range of in stock racks, organising your stock and showcasing your fashion collections in creative ways is simple. Including collapsible racks, fashions racks, and selections from Alu Italy’s Slash and Mobile collections. The lightweight and easy-to-assemble design of our racks allow for easy transportation and are available in a range of styles and finishes to complement any interior space.

ALU's freestanding Slash and Mobile racks allow for a large array of display applications. The versatile and flexible design of Slash and Mobile freestanding racks can hang, fold, display and communicate sale stock and seasonal collections, creating an appealing point of sale and transform your retail space during the busy holiday sale season.

As we draw nearer to the crazy Christmas rush, we often forget the essentials, hangers. Mei & Picchi's range of hangers includes metal and wooden hangers in a variety of styles from clip hangers, jacket hangers and non-slip trouser hangers, to wishbone hangers and child hangers. We also have a range of hanger caddys, retrieval poles and size disks available to keep your stock organised and create clean and visually aesthetic displays. Available in a variety of colours, be sure to secure your stock now, in time for the busy shopping season ahead.

Contact us to secure your stock before Christmas and discuss the best solutions for your store, for maximum impact.