New Showroom | Genesis Mannequins Auetal Germany

Sep 15, 2015

Genesis Mannequins’ brand new european showroom

Clean, puristic but at the same time highly innovative – this is Genesis Mannequins’ brand new showroom. Whilst styling and presentation are quite low-key, the new concept clearly focusses on the various creative possibilities for the mannequins.

In addition to the introduction of brand new ranges like Eva the showroom presents some established mannequins which are newly interpreted by extravagant finishes and colours. Among others Genesis experiment with high gloss skin colours, coloured chromes or various finishes on the same mannequin. Kids mannequins have a completely new look by translucent materials in trendy pastels. There are also innovations for the trendy mannequin-bust combination Heritage offering even more combinations for customizing.

The new Genesis showroom inspires to leave the conventional ways and experiment with colours, finishes and materials. Allow yourself to be amazed by the possibilities!

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